6 May 2021:

It turns out I have learn't so so much from looking back at older work! I am seing thinks there that I didn't expect to see.

1 February 2021:

All of these images are ones that still stick in my memory to this day fifty odd years later and given the chance would be thrilled to capture again in exactly the same way. So, what has changed?

Apart from equipment and society the most obvious change is that I no longer have easy access to the sort of environment where these sorts of scenario are an every day event to catch my eye and be recorded. There was no need to go out of my way, these were effectively my immediate surroundings day by day.

This would all suggest that there is no wish to change what and how I photograph life but the opportunities to 'immerse myself' are now few and far between - especially right now. I guess I am just suffering withdrawal symptoms!

Even more interesting is the fact that, looking over analogue images taken since becoming self employed around 1976, such a selection becomes very meagre! Probably because I was too preoccupied with keeping my head afloat! 'Capturing Life' only starts getting enthusiastic again around 2001 when digital kicked in and Ferndale renovation was mostly finished.

See ' Street Photography ' page [no link back here!]

Breakthrough Observations. Every single one of these images is of a specific event or subject of particular interest to me and not taken NOT taken primarily for any perceived aesthetic appeal. If I browse any later material the same thing aplies but I have to be relaxed and in the mood for any artistic tendencies to show through.

ALSO: With theYashica the images are typically taken from a lower level than with single lens cameras. This often makes for a much better composition but is no good for 'snapshots'. Shooting at eye level tends to centre subjects on the horizon. Horizons want to typically be half way up the image [shooting two point perspective] but the subject needs to stick to the 'rule of thirds'. RESEARCH THIS!

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