Book Review:

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Moss


I am always attracted to any book that suggests anything ‘ghostly’ or the suggestion that a human could step back in time so The Winter Ghosts was a perfect choice for me.


The book revolves around the character of Frederick Watson who wishes to have a letter written in mediaeval script translated, a letter that has been in his possession for 5 years since a visit in 1928 to the French Pyranees.


He relates the story of this trip when, after his car crashes on the icy mountain road, he comes across a remote village and unearths an ancient tale that is both romantic and haunting. Freddie has been grieving the loss of his brother, who died during World War 1, and hopes to find some form of closure. 


He meets a beautiful young woman, Fabrissa, and during the course of an evening they share the stories buried within them.  Both Freddie and Fabrissa relate distressing tales of loss which have caused them both a state of unresolved mourning and the inability to come to terms with their sorrow.  Fabrissa’s mysterious narrative of persecution and death is chilling but proves a life-changing experience for Freddie who learns about courage, stalwart endurance in the face of extreme danger and love.


When he wakes the following day, with no sign of Fabrissa and no-one in the village acknowledging her existence he is determined to find her.  His search culminates by unearthing a 600 year old secret, a monumental historical discovery. The letter becomes the final act of remembrance. 


A love story that tells us that we should never forget!


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