Mobile Library

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“Everyone’s so polite and its a real pleasure to try and help people, whether it be tracking down an obscure book on the computer system, finding a popular novel in large print, something for the children or a talking book or CD, we can usually get it on the van from one visit to the next.” But don’t think everything has to be ordered. David knows what his customers like and what’s in fashion. His shelves are well stocked and the best bit is, you don’t even have to get the car out to come and browse them.

USE it or LOSE it!...... The mobile library used to visit us on alternate weeks.  Now its only once a month.  Please help us retain this valuable service by using it as much as you can.

Few people know that, here in Covington, we have our own David Hamilton. Unlike the radio personality who shares his name, our David Hamilton is the Mobile Library Supervisor and he comes to visit us every few weeks! And it isn’t just the members of the Covington Book Group who benefit from seeing the big bright green reading machine outside the Village Hall each month.

Come up Cross Street on the second Wednesday of the month, between 2.15 and 2.30 and there will be residents returning books, collecting CDs, taking a “murder mystery” off the shelves or perhaps something they’ve ordered, catching up with each other, exchanging views on their latest reads and all being ably looked after by David, in the library van.

David has run the mobile library for Huntingdon Library Services for over 20 years, visiting between 8 and 10 villages a day, north and south, rain or shine, up and down the A14 corridor, between Covington and Bar Hill. In fact, before taking over at Huntingdon Library, you would find David in an even bigger “library lorry” heading out of the Cambridge library yard, as he set off to service the needs of young and old alike around the greater Cambridge area.

David can’t quite believe he’s been a mobile librarian for 25 years now. He says: “I love my work, travelling through some of the prettiest parts of the country. Being able to get to or stop in some of the smaller villages can be quite a challenge and I have to plan my routes carefully, but the friendliness of the Cambridgeshire residents is amazing. When I come to Covington, I always get a nice cuppa with Doris, before I unlock... and plenty of smiling faces, too!”

We all need to use this wonderful service. It is too good to lose!